Date Position
 1967-1969 Chemical analyst, department serology, microbiology
Westeinde hospital, La Haye, Netherlands
 1972-1977 Chemical analyst immunology, temporal jobs as a student researcher/chemical analyst,
Academic Hospital St. Radboud, Nijmegen, Netherlands

Replacement medical director
Hospice Bosbeek, Heemstede, connected to Boerhaave hospice Haarlem, Netherlands

 1980-1984 Positions as a physician, pathologic departments of hospitals,
Amsterdam, study pathology of kidney, Academic Hospital, Leiden
 1983-1988 Positions as a physician, researcher, study, pathologic departments of hospitals, Villejuif, Paris, Brussels
 1988 Replacement as a General Practitioner, Paris
 1990-1992 Physician, medical assessment driving licenses, CBR, Rijswijk, Netherlands
 1992-1997 Physician of Assurance medicine, assessment of illness reports offices General Administration Office (GAK), Netherlands
 1996-1998 Physician of Assurance Medicine, assessment of longstanding illness reports, Law of Chronic or Definitive Inaptitude for Work (WAO), GUO,
Gouda, Netherlands
 1998-1999 Physician of Assurance Medicine, Cure Assessment, Cure Supply
Netherlands (ZVN),  Dordrecht, Netherlands
 1999-2012 Physician of Occupational Health, Arboservices AGG, Commit, Arbo Unie, Arbo Ned, Meditel, AGW, Maetis(Ardyn), travelling to Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Leiden, Hoorn, in The Netherlands
 2009-2011 Member of Management Committee, COST Action BM0601(Neuromath)
Advanced Methods for the Estimation of Human Brain Activity and Connectivity, Brussels, Belgium
 2009-2011 Member of Management Committee, COST Action BM0605(CATIA), Consciousness: A Transdisciplinary, Integrated Approached
Brussels, Belgium
 2018 Member of the Editorial Board, Journal of Stem Cell Research & Therapeutics
Member of the Editorial Board, Journal of Neurosurgery Imaging and Techniques

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