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Education and Interests


Gymnasium B, Edith Stein College, The Hague, Netherlands, 1960-66

Analytical Chemist, Westeinde Hospital, The Hague, 1967-69 MD

Catholic University, Nijmegen, Netherlands,1969-80

Course in General and Experimental Oncology, Institute ARC, Villejuif, France, 1985-86

SMI-Course, Netherlands School of Public Health, Utrecht, Netherlands, 1999

Counselling and Coaching, Course, Benelux University (BUC),Eindhoven,  2002-05


Elisabeth van der Gulik, soprano, has charmed her audiences both in Europe and in the United States and also in Africa with her large repertoire of popular song literature.  She also sung in church choirs (De Krijtberg, Jesuit Church, Amsterdam, 1989-1993) and in the Paulus Choir in Amstelveen (1993-96) . She took part in congress choirs. Over the past decades she has worked under the tutelage of singing instructors, including Maja Schermerhorn, Amstelveen, 1996-2002; Ilse Bresser, Amsterdam, 2002-2006; Lucia Meeuwsen, Amsterdam, 2006-.

Performances as a soprano singer, soloist

Her first recital was in 2006, accompanied by the Dutch pianist Maarten Hillenius,  in the characteristic concert room of a typical Amsterdam house, located at the Overtoom.

Maarten Hillenius accompanied her also in the years 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 at the same location.

In 2018 the location for her recital had been changed to the Studio Wopko, situated in Amsterdam East, again with the accompany of Maarten Hillenius

In 2008 Elisabeth had a recital, accompanied by the Dutch pianist Henk van Rooy, in the old and very inspiring and classic Sarphatihuis, a well known hospice in Amsterdam.

With American pianist, lecturer and music educator Elise Sobol, Elisabeth performed in concert evenings for the World Forums, sponsored by the American Biographical institute (ABI, Raleigh, NC) and International Biographical Centre (IBC, Cambridge, UK).  They had performances, scheduled in the evening concerts, in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, 2002; Dublin, Ireland, 2003; Oxford, England, 2006 and 2008; Washington, D.C., USA, 2007. Also in 2007 they performed together in Amsterdam, 2007, presenting an evening filling recital. In France, La Turballe, they had an interesting concert in the local church, Eglise Saint Anne, 2008, where Elise Sobol took also part with some spectacular concert performances. They had been invited by the local Cinema organization, exploited by volunteers, during the Dutch Week, organized by this organization.   

Other performances by Elisabeth were:

27th International Millennium Congress , Washington, 2000,  sponsored by ABI/IBC, accompanied by the Jordanian pianist (and composer) Agnessa Bashir

the 28th International Congress on Arts and Communications, (ABI/IBC), Cambridge, England, 2001, accompanied by the American (Michigan) Organist, Pastor and professor of Bible and Music, dr.Wendell Babcock

31th International Congress on Science, Culture and Arts (ABI/IBC), Hawaii, USA, 2005, accompanied by the Australian concert performer (and composer, educator) Ms

Margaret Brandman; Ms Margaret Brandman accompanied Elisabeth van der Gulik again at the concert evening during the 2012 World Forum, held by ABI/IBC, in Oxford, England

She also sung, accompanied by the Dutch pianist Henriette ter-Stege together presenting a recital in the above mentioned famous concert room in Amsterdam, at the Overtoom, 2013.

In Paris they had more often little performances together in the restaurant les Trois Maillets, where Henriette ter-Stege since the early nineties cares for a convenient environment playing music pieces and accompanying a soloist singer.

Since Elisabeth practised as a soloist singer, she was accompanied by a Dutch pianist Dineke Klinkenberg and did rehearses with her to prepare for performances.

In 2014 she sang in Cambridge, England, in the Old Hall of Queen's College. She performed pieces composed by Alphons Diepenbrock, Charles Ives, Arne

In 2015 she sang in Edinburgh, Scotland, Concert evening, held at the Hilton Edinburgh Grosvenor Hotel, with a successful performance of Aria from Christoph Glück, songs from Charles Ives, Ernesto de Curtis, anonymous composer

In 2016 she sang in Russia, Moscow, at the welcome party of the International Summit on PPPMedicine. She was accompanied by prof.dr. Sergey Suchkov, performing a Russian Romance, discovered by the famous Russian singer Kozlovski

In 2016 she sang in Taiwan, region Chia-Yi City, a Taiwanese song, the title translated: To Love is to Cherish, composed by Prof. Chang-yang Kuo (1934-2014), composer and head music education of the Taiwanese College of Teachers, Dean & Professor of Music College Of Chinese Culture.

In 2018 participation as a soprano of the chamber choir, formed by the Gouwe Hart Orchestra, Gouda, Netherlands for the performance of two cantatas: J.S. Bach: Jesus nahm zu sich die Zwölfe and J. Kuhnau: Gott sei mir gnädig, March 3 2018, Gouda, The Netherlands

In 2018 performance of the Maria song: “Ave Maria”, from Luigi Cherubini (1760-1842), accompanied by Onyeka christian uzuegbu, digital organ,
on the occasion of the Holy Mass on Palm Sunday, March 25 2018, Elele, Nigeria



Components of Repertoire of Elisabeth van der Gulik

Songs and arias from the following composers:

Arne, Bellini, Bernstein, Beethoven, Brahms, Brandman, Cherubini, Ewbank, Fauré, Pergolese, Grieg, Händel, Ives, Kienlen, Künneke, Lehár, Menotti, Mozart, Puccini, Satie, Schubert, Schumann, Sherman Brothers, Stolz,Verdi, Vrienten, Wolf, Cole Porter, Kuo, Tchajkovski, Gershwin 

Elisabeth van der Gulik experiences music as the perfect balance between work and pleasure

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